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Legal Drugs re-release was announced on 4/20

Like. Are you kidding me right now.



Legal Drug to be re-released in Omnibus form; Drug & Drop will have its first English release.

Guys, this is very important. If you’re Drug&Drop fan (and if you’re seeing this post there’s a good chance that you are) support CLAMP by purchasing actual volumes, be it in Japanese, English or any other localization of your preference. Our scanlations are purely fan made. We’re not professionals. We work with scans from magazines and they tend to have low quality print on a paper that bears uncanny resemblance to phone book. By purchasing actual volumes you get:

  • translation and editing done by actual professionals
  • various references and terms explained in translation notes
  • high quality print
  • hard copy of the manga that you can caress fondly before sleep

Remember that to publisher popularity of manga is measured in copies sold, not pageviews. 

We will continue scanlating Drug&Drop, but starting January 7, 2015 every chapter will contain a notice urging you to buy official release.

OHMYGOD YEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this news since D&D was announced!!!!

(Also are we seriously not getting Wish, too? Like, IDK, Wish is starting to feel really relevant, guys…. Also I want those new covers kill me)

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So tomorrow I’m going to the DMV to get my learners permit, and I need a piece of mail to prove my residency or whatever and.

The only mail I have that was sent to the house (most of it goes to the P.O. box) is a fucking right stuf! catalog.

I’m such a fucking nerd does this even count as real mail? I’m so embarrassed like hi yes I’m an adult I live here see it says so on this fucking anime catalogue. FUCK.

I found my cel in action~~~

bat bows - $5


゚。* by rosa on pixiv

百合界のカリスマ by アカコッコ on pixiv